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Just Teach! is a non-profit organization founded on the idea that children need to be taught. So often well meaning adults let youth distract them from accomplishing their goals. If you want youth to be respectful, teach them. If you want youth to be productive, concerned adults, teach them.


Just Teach! works to find ways to support parents in their struggle to teach their children to be responsible, educated and well-rounded adults.

Just Teach! offers summer day camps, mentorship programs, parent and teacher workshops.

Just Teach! programs provide children with the opportunity to experience various means of expression usually neglected in modern educational settings. Drama, design/artistic expression, music, dance, scientific inquiry and exploration and technological experimentation are largely forgotten in our current push for “Standardized” education and testing.

Just Teach! seeks to get kids excited again about learning. Through exposure to music, movement and more, kids will make the connections to information they learn in school. These connections will make them motivated and more successful!

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